My Shield Corporation

Where are the world investors hiding?

Investors/Stock Brokers/Share Holders/Angels

Pre Stock/Share Holders

We have 200 Million Class A stocks/shares standing by worth Billions very soon!

For the Police/Sheriffs/State Patrol Officers/EMT/Paramedics/Rescue/Fireman/Doctors/Nurses:

God Bless you all!

Humans require help: You are our last/first line of defense for the innocent. The USA is in trouble, problems are going to get worse: So: Don't ever turn your back/be prepared 24/7 where ever you are!

We need you...without you: our USA and Planet would be in a horrible situation

Either way: I will repay whoever helps the cost fact to attend and give that person a $100K thank you.

I am a US Marine, disabled Viet Nam Veteran: White and cannot secure funding in the USA.

The world is watching and is concerned, they will help, but I have to get to them, they will not come to me.


I am a Super Alpha: Standing on Fifty Diplomas/Certificates

Disaster Protection 
An Investment Opportunity

Disaster Protection & Investment Opportunity

Take advantage of a great investment opportunity and help provide disaster protection by investing in

My Shield Corporation

Our principal has more than 187 inventions and 24 special projects, more than 100 of which are waiting to be brought forth to help humankind and help fix what is wrong with the planet: Infrastructure/Environment/Natural and man-made disasters'

My Shield Corporation has more than 43 years' experience and will fund medical research and provide protection from ALL Natural Disasters World Wide


Investors Required


Where are you hiding?

My Shield Corporation can break $1 billion in one to two years, and $1 trillion in six to seven years, perhaps sooner.

We are a major start up C corporation and your investment can be repaid within two years if not sooner. 
We have 15 defense systems, 29 medical projects, and a range of disaster projects all in need of investors.

We are looking for shareholders, angel investors, and entrepreneurs as well as medical body scientists and engineers.

We Have the Following in Place:

State Licenses
UBI Numbers
Effective Dates

DNB/DUNS Numbers
State Certifications
State Registrations
Effective Dates
IARD Numbers

Registration Numbers Department of L&I
CCR/Cage Code Number
Application ID Numbers
CRD Numbers

My Shield Corporation

Requires Funding to start:
Angels*Stockholders*Shareholders*Super Wealthy*Private Investors:


Major*Super Global Industrialist 
Developer: Infrastructure*Residential*Commercial
Going after many critical problems in the USA & World

Fantasia Productions 
Medical Projects to help Humankind
Twenty-Six they are all extremely important!

Military Accomplishment - Bio - Nuclear Task Force I created ! 
Will be shown to certified Investors only !
To let the world know what my corporation is going to do.

Please visit them and share them with staff/family/friends & Join

Please send this domain to everyone you know!
Thank you and God bless you

Marshall Shield
My Shield Corporation can break a Billion in 1-2 years and a Trillion in 6-7 years


Presently have 187 Inventions and 24 Special projects

This corporation can't fail! 
It will break a billion in 1-2 years and a trillion in 6-7 years! 
Investors/Stock Brokers/Share Holders/Angels:
You MUST be Certified & Registered with the SEC: I am, I have my IARD/FINRA/CRD Number: Do you?

All Designs/Engineering are ready: Patents Pending
Developer: Residential*Commercial*Industrialist

Preparing the world so they can survive Natural & Man made Disaster: BEFORE ~ DURING ~ REBUILDING
We have several very important - powerful anti-disaster proof projects to help mankind around the world!

 Fantasia Productions

My Family Shield

 My Shield Corporation

Investors/Stock Brokers/Share Holders/Angels: Where are you hiding on Planet Earth?

My Shield Corporation 
Executives Positions & Board of Directors
  Hiring 56-58 thousand Job Positions Available
Everything is Top Secret/Classified/Proprietary

It's simple, don't even ask....Unless your an Angel Founder   

My Shield Corporation

Investors/Stock Brokers/Share Holders/Angels: Are you on Planet Earth?

This Corporation is ready to start!
To Help STOP the 'Bad Guys'
To Help STOP Terrorism
To Help STOP Humans from being Harmed/Killed and their Homes Destroyed by Disasters

 Provide Millions, then Hundreds of Millions:
To the Medical R&D to help find the Keys to help STOP the Diseases that are killing us

Contact us to request information on disaster protection.

Proudly Serving Washington State, with Services Offered Worldwide

Investors/Stock Brokers/Share Holders/Angels:

Where are you hiding: Please contact me as long as you live on Planet Earth!

Marshall Shield

Phone: 360-982-9014 PST USA


My Shield Corporation

My Family Shield

Fantasia Productions

We must get started

Please help with a Wall Street BOND

"Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men"